2020-08-17: Monochrome Monday

By this time of the day, this is pretty much how I am feeling. I think it’s time for a bit of a lazy evening.

A mother leopard catches a few zzz’s while her was safely tucked away in the bushes behind her. Viewed while staying at Chitwa Chitwa lodge.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

2020-08-16: Panorama Route

This week passed by quickly, mostly with rainy weather, so I didn’t get out with my camera at all. Wanting to have something to share for my usual Sunday post, I opened up my catalogue of unedited images and landscape shots from the Panorama Route in South Africa caught my eye, so that’s what I have to share today.

This was a lovely day trip that we took from our base in White River at the tart of our last trip to South Africa. We decided to have a few down days before heading into the bush, to get over jet lag and relax a bit. This was a great way to spend a relaxing day, learning about the history of the area from our awesome guide while watching beautiful scenery pass us by, interspersed with a few stops with short walks to see the sites.

Initially we were a little concerned as one of our party had limited mobility and couldn’t join in any walks to sights, but the rondavels, and the waterfalls were easily visible right from the car parks. Unfortunately the portholes wasn’t something that could be seen from the vehicle, but we shared images in the evening when back at our hotel. So even if you can’t get out and walk around all the sites, its still a very worthwhile and enjoyable day out.

The three rondavels.
A canyon in the portholes.
Berlin Falls
Lisbon Falls
Some small waterfalls at the portholes.

Wishing you a fantastic week!

2020-08-09: Sabi Sands Sunset

This weekend I completed my exams to finish out summer term, and now have the next month off (well, off of school, I still have a full time job to attend to). My brain is pretty much turned to mush after all the revising, so instead of adding more to my to do list, I found an edited photo waiting to post. A sunset seemed fitting, as an end to a rather hectic and stressful couple of months. I am looking forward to some downtime over the next few weeks, and an opportunity to do some more editing, and maybe even find a place that inspires me to get out shooting. And then, after labour day, the cycle will begin again.

Wishing you a peaceful, and relaxing week ahead 🙂

2020-08-02: Mongoose

I didn’t think that mongoose had featured very prominently in blog posts in the past, and a quick site search showed me that I’ve only posted two images of mongoose in the entire time I’ve been working on this blog. I’m not really surprised; while they are animals that are frequently seen on safari, usually it is a quick passing glance as they scurry for cover as the vehicle approaches. When you do get to chance to actually spend some time with them, they are quite entertaining to watch, especially if you come across a large family.

This past trip I saw 3 different species; the dwarf mongoose being the most prevalent, and, you guessed it, the smallest of all the species I saw as well. If you want some interesting information about mongoose there’s always Wikipedia; as I’ll be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about them. I think I’ve spent more time contemplating why the plural of goose is geese, but the plural of mongoose is mongooses, not mongeese. Alas, my brain works in strange ways.

And with that, I’ll leave you with a few images, and wish you a wonderful week.

An adorable dwarf mongoose venturing away from its family group, and giving me the opportunity for a nice shot. If you look very closely, you can see a tick attached at the bottom of its eye.
A group of banded mongoose seen on a morning game drive.
A blink and you’d miss it sighting of a white-tailed mongoose on the way back to camp on an evening game drive. Sadly, I cut off his white tail, and didn’t get the opportunity for another shot.