2020-01-26: Hyenas

Hyenas are an often misunderstood and much maligned creature, seen as a lowly scavenger, robbing the kills of leopards, wild dogs, cheetah and even lions (given the right circumstances).  From all that guides over the years have told me, and my watching many nature documentaries, I know that while they do scavenge a lot, and provide a necessary ecosystem service in that regard, they are also skillful hunters, and have very interesting clan dynamics, led by an alpha female.

Hyenas can be pretty hit and miss on safari though.  Unless there is an active den on the property, guides (that I have been with) don’t generally seek them out or follow their tracks.  It’s more a situation of randomly running across them, and then stopping to watch for a few minutes before moving on.  If there is a den on the property with little ones, it can be a very enjoyable sighting, as the cubs can be quite boisterous and inquisitive.  I still recall my first time in the Okavango Delta, sitting just after sunset at a den and a cub came over and started chewing on the tires of the vehicle, getting into it the way my dog used to take to his squeaky toys as a pup.

No such luck with young cubs this past trip, but here are a few of the images I did capture of hyenas.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead.

The only cubs I saw on this past trip; a pair of juveniles with Mom, and another hyena hanging around in the background.
DSCF0397 copy-Edit
This hyenas was sniffing around as there was a kill nearby that had been stashed in a tree by a leopard.
DSCF1029 copy-Edit
This hyena seemed to be having quite a good time in the water; it definitely wasn’t warm enough for it to need to be cooling off.
A very alert herd of impala, watching the approach of a lone hyena.


Oh no, here comes trouble!



2020-01-20: Monochrome Monday

It was awesome to spend some time with the dogs on an afternoon game drive during my last trip.  I’ve been fortunate to see wild dogs on almost all of my trips to Africa, but I still get really excited when a ranger tells me that dogs have been spotted on the property.


2020-01-13: Monochrome Monday

Much like yesterday, today also felt like a perfect day to share an elephant image.

This was shot while staying at Lion Sands Tinga Lodge.  We couldn’t go on a game drive without seeing elephants, sometimes an immense number of them, which our guide kept commenting on.  It made me incredibly happy, since they are my favourite animal to spend time with our on safari.

An elephant calf makes a quick meal stop in the middle of the road.

2020-01-12: Elephants

Today felt like the perfect day to share some elephant pictures 🙂  Basically, if the day ends in Y, I think elephant images are just right!

My editing software had a bit of a meltdown trying to open one of the raw files to edit; I have no idea what was going on, as the images before and after were fine.  Thankfully, I have lots of back ups, and after deleting the file and reloading it, everything was okay.  Public service message for the day – always make sure you have a backup of your data!

I hope you enjoy, wishing you a fantastic week ahead.

DSCF4767 copy-Edit
An elephant enjoying a drink from a rather large puddle.
DSCF3041 copy-Edit
Look at the curled trunk 🙂
Feeding time for big and little.
An elephant drinks while a herd of buffalo graze the banks of the river.
A tiny face peeking out from under Mom.

2020-01-06: Monochrome Monday

Happy Monday!

I thought a few landscape images would be a good way to start the week.  These are all from my last trip to South Africa.

DSCF3186 copy-Edit
A view from the deck of Lion Sands Tinga Lodge.
The Potholes, one of the stops along the Panorama Route in South Africa.  Shockingly, while we were there we saw someone climb partway down one of the steep rock faces to take a selfie!  
An image I took at lunchtime at Lion Sands Rover Lodge, while playing around with my infrared filter.  It’s definitely something I want to work more with!

2020-01-05: Artistic Impressions

It’s the start of a new year, and I’ve not come up with any grand plans for the blog.  In addition to my full time work, I’m starting graduate school and courses towards a professional designation, so I have decided to leave things open for the time being, until I see what type of time and energy I have.  I am hoping to continue on with my Sunday, Monday and Wednesday posting schedule, but I may not end up picking themes for each month, and instead, just go where the mood takes me.  I’m just going to play it by ear for the moment.

I’ve continued to be inspired to play around with my artistic impression images, and have a few of those to share today.

I’ve still not had any success with moving over to Topaz Studio version 2.  When I have played around with it, I have really liked the flow within the program, but have found it challenging to get photos in and out of the software, with my current workflow.  Thankfully, the original version is still working well within my system.

That’s all for today; wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead.

DSCF0504 copy-Edit